Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Workout Fairy Gently Reminds Me...

That I have a chart on my side bar that is supposed to be tracking my weekly workouts in 2009 so I have finally got that up-to-date through January 12, 2009.

My weeks are Monday thru Sunday and because I am trying to keep track from the beginning of the new year, I will be recording 53 weeks in 2009 - Week One started with December 29th.

My chart, my calendar, my rules...

Thank you for the gentle reminder and for the html code, SnowWhite!

In terms of volume and actual workouts - all is going well right now. The biggest challenge has been finding a schedule that still lets me enjoy some "Non-Triathlon related" things like spending time with friends, reading some good books and getting another season of CANCER to 5K underway for SPRING 2009.

Life is Good! LiveSTRONG!

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mlittle said...

omg... have FUN at the Disney Princess Half! I almost signed up for that one. I JUST got back from the Disney World Half. I now have a Donald medal of my very own, so I no longer have to covet YOURS... hahaha. I may sign up for the Disneyland Half in Sept.. and do their coast to coast challenge.

My next race is the Mardi Gras Half in New Orleans on Feb 1.

Glad to see you are still 'at it'. I'm hopelessly addicted. My husband thinks me insane.

I'll check back soon and see how the race went.