Friday, August 14, 2009

The Condition my CONDITION is in...

So this week I "officially" started my training focus for Beach2Battleship FULL (140.6) Triathlon training.  So how did the week go?

Let just say "Thank gosh for Recovery Week volumes" or I would be in trouble already. It's not that I lost any fitness, I just lost quite a bit of time because "life" got in the way. 

• Saturday was GREAT!  Got in a nice 4 mile run on my own before CANCER to 5K Practice and then ran 2.5 with the group at a nice relaxed pace. (for me)

• Jim was sick all of last weekend and I was "fighting off symptoms" (turned out to be SWINE FLU - Yikes!)  I got lucky because I didn't get sick and Jim is just starting to feel normal after a full week of flu but his fever is still present and accounted for so I have been doing what little I can to keep him comfortable.

• Sunday: was a HEAT WAVE in VA (99+) and I was "fighting off symptoms" (see above) so I stayed close to home and did NOTHING!

• Monday: I played "Nurse" - got no workouts in.

• Tuesday: I managed to make my AM Swim with Team Z (1800 yds) and CANCER to 5K Track Practice (about 2.5 miles including warm-up)

• Wednesday - Home later from work - chose to take a REST DAY and be with my husband and the bengal-babies

• Thursday AM: forgot to set my alarm to get up on time for the Team Z Swim but I made up for it by running 5K from home last night (got stung by a bee!!  ARG!)

•  Friday: (Today) To make up for all the missed biking this week, I commuted into work on my road bike.  13 miles this morning and I'll probably go a little long this afternoon and get another 20 miles in.  That should put me in a good place to get the weekend started.

This weekends plan?

Since I am not racing the Lurray TRIs (OLY or SPRINT) with Team Z this weekend but racing the Columbia IronGirl next weekend with both Team Z Ladies and Team FIGHT.  I plan to go LONG this weekend (even though it is always more fun to train with my Team Z IMFL peeps!)

Saturday: 12 mile run (not including CANCER to 5K practice)
Sunday: 70-80 mile bike (or 5-hours) which ever come first.

I wondered if I was ready to get back into gear and today's morning bike commute reaffirmed it - I am ready and my body is definitely ready.  I miss going LONG more than I thought and I definitely miss time on my bike! ( I love you SUNSHINE!)

Onward with Unfinished IRONMAN Business! 

Life is Good!  Keep Living STRONG!

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