Thursday, August 20, 2009

Have you seen my MOJO?

I made the comment to Jim the other day that I feel like I have lost my "race mojo" and all I really want is to get it back.

So this weekend is IronGirl Columbia with Team FIGHT and I have got some aggressive goals for this event. Last season I finished this race in 2:33:57 and it was my *first TRI* in nearly 8 months due to rotator cuff issues.

This year, I have a year's worth of Ironman Distance training under my belt and based on my training times and other race times, there is no reason I can't PR this event in a BIG BIG WAY!

I'm going 2:20 or BUST!

(Not BUST as in DNF - I AM FINISHING come h*ll or high water but I want to push myself - that is the definition of BUST in this scenario)

That's all I have time to BLOG about for this week. Race Report to follow - I'll let you know where I found my MOJO on Sunday night.

Life is GOOD! LiveSTRONG!

1 comment:

Catharine said...

You're going to kick butt this weekend!

I could understand you temporarily misplacing your mojo...think about it. You were training full steam ahead for so many months. Then you suffered a very serious condition during your race. You had to be exhausted.

Your body needed time to recover, and I imagine your head did, too. Now that you've had the down time (if you could call it that), I think you'll be back to your old self soon.

I'll be cheering for you Sunday! I can't wait to read about your tremendous success.