Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Back in the Pool...

It simply blows my mind that just 2 weeks can feel like 2-3 months. That is how much Ironamn training had become my daily routine. When you take it away it feels like another lifetime and truthfully, it was only 16 days ago.

So 2 weeks OFF is all that I can stand, I feel relaxed and ready to GO, GO, GO. So last night Jim and I talked, in general, about the coming year and made some basic plans and I decided to continue on training with Team Z. Truth is that I didn't know how I could "not" train with the Team - I have made some wonderful friends and seriously nothing matches the "FUN and FITNESS" that is a Team Z RACE. Add to it that some of my friends and teammates are training for IM Wisconsin 2010! (IM MOO) - GO OLLIE ! - I am sooooooo about supporting them in this effort and looking forward to being able to do shorter training rides and then stay on to CHEER and HELP OUT this time around! GO Z!!!

So now that I am not training for IRONMAN, what on earth am I going to do?

(1.) I am debating the merits of an IRONMAN-worthy Tattoo. Something that includes LiveSTRONG and M-DOT or 140.6 - I'm in talks with my personal "tattoo" experts (a.k.a. both younger sisters) - Location yet to be determined....

(2.) I'm going to focus the next 365 days on EATING CLEAN; learning to cook; losing about 30-50 pounds; and maintaining my TRI fitness.

The PRIMARY focus will be EATING CLEAN and adapting my eating habits long term. (think *lifetime*) Done correctly, the additional weight-loss is just a bonus side effect.

( 3.) In terms of RACING - I'm keeping it LOCAL with the exception of 2 EVENTS. And I am keeping it SHORT - Nothing longer than an OLY-distance TRI this season with a FOCUS on eliminating any/all walking breaks during running.***

*** This might be against my BOP nature but I am going to give it a try - what the heck! ***
  • December: Jingle All the Way 10K
  • January: TBD
  • February: Myrtle Beach Half Marathon & Bike Ride (Family FUN Weekend!!)
  • March: 2010 Disney Royal Family 5K & Princess Half Marathon (Heather Birthday Weekend!!)
  • April - May: TBD - Spring TRIs with Team Z
  • June: CANCER to 5K Spring Session; Survivor Harbor 7 & BIKE VA
  • July: TBD
  • August: IronGirl Columbia (with Heather!!)
  • Sept - Nov 2010: TBD - CANCER to 5K Fall Session & Fall TRIs with Team Z
(4.) Oh and somewhere in the middle of this year - there is a lovely Honeymoon Vacation to someplace *warm and romantic* - but that is all the details I care to share here...

This seems like a nice *quiet* year in comparison to 2009...Time to RELAX...

Life is Good! LiveSTRONG!


trifitmom said...

sounds like a great plan. i had not heard of that clean eating, but i have heard of the magazine clean eating, is that the same thing ?

Holly said...

It is the same. So far so good on the home-cooked recipes - last night was black-eyed peas and brown rice and fish. Turned out GREAT!

mlittle said...

ok girl. it's been a while since I checked in with you. Congrats on your marriage! (and your Ironman!)

Dianne from Dallas (mpip) and I are doing the Disney Princess in March! Maybe we'll get a chance to meet up.

I'll try and check in more often. You rock!