Monday, November 16, 2009


I'm still producing BIG SMILES when ask about Beach2Battleship and while "work" threatens to take away my happiness daily, I have not let the grayness seep into my sense of accomplishment and pride.

I spent the first 6 days RESTING - which meant "No Formal Workouts of Any Kind..." but that insanity can only last so long. Like my sister, Heather, exercise is definitely a form of therapy for me - much less of a price to pay for working out than for eating (which was my therapy of choice and still, sadly, the alternate backup at times but that is for another blog post...)

Anyhow, ON DAY SEVEN, I RAN. The Get Your Rear In Gear 5K to be specific. Oh yeah, I am that kind of crazy - I ran a 5K race the weekend after my first Ironman.

Get Your Rear In Gear 5K results: 35:46 (11:32 minute per mile)

It wasn't my fastest 5K of the year but it was a pretty good result considering the previous weeks efforts. I really had no idea what to expect - I figured I would either had a decent run or I would immediately feel empty or have no energy. My legs felt pretty good the entire way, just some tightness from my left hip which seems to have worked itself out completely now.

Everybody keeps asking me "What's Next?"

I'm still working that out in my head because right now it feels really good to have nothing BIG on my agenda. I do have a few races on my schedule for next year but the GOALS for those events are still "up in the air."

I'm enjoying some down-time for the first time in over a year and with my 6-month MELANOMA follow-ups with Dr. B, my oncologist, and my new dermatologist, Dr. V coming at the end of the week - I've got my fingers crossed for another year of "No Evidence of Disease." (also known as NED).

Coming off my first Ironman Finish, I'd say that being confirmed NED for yet another year would be a great "Next" moment. Even if that does involve drinking some nasty "apple juice/contrast" cocktail.

Life is Good! I'm enjoying myself...

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