Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Last Minute Details

Well Sunshine* (my road bike) is as clean as she can be. Her gears are so shiny that they look brand new and she is as quiet as a mouse and running as smooth as a Gazelle...

My saddlebag is full of fresh tubes and CO2 cartridges and my bento box is ready for filling.

Attached to my Bento Box is a new addition, a guardian angel given to me by Team Z-mate Leanne: "Here is a Guardian Angel to watch over you ~ Put it on your Jersey or Saddlebag ~ Guaranteed to Pull You Through!!"

I decided that I wanted to have my Guardian Angel someplace where I could see him/her so I can remember all the Teammates and Friends who are with me in spirit....Thank You Leanne!

In terms of "race day motivation" only one other thing is on my bike and that is the "Bike Sticker" from IM USA. I moved it from my bike stem to my aero bars the day after the race in July as a VISUAL REMINDER that no matter what happens in future races, I must not give up, I just need to find a way to keep going.

Grommette is completely unimpressed with the piles of clothes and gear and has been making angry faces and sitting on stuff all evening in an attempt to "interrupt" the packing efforts. Meanwhile Wallace has been downstairs verbally harassing Jim. This is typical cat behavior when it become evident that we are going somewhere soon.

There's not much left to do but get a good night's sleep, wake up and swim in AM, run to the bank, load up the Element and get on the open road to Wilmington, NC.

Beach2Battleship Race Day is just 48 hours away...Life is Good!!


Terri Lynn Seymour Zinn said...

Oh Hun I am so with you this weekend. I wish I was stronger, but I'm barely making it to work for a couple hours each day.

The guardian angel is definately with you. Keep your nutrition on point up to the race and during. Keep the wind at your back and a smile on your face ... for you that's easy! I am with you in spirit! Faith! and JOY!

Your Friend Terri Zinn

Melanie Tait (Mel Tries to Run) said...

Hey Holly! I've heard all about you from Heather's blog and I'm so glad to hear you have one too! You're such an uber-inspiror (I think I just made that new word up) - I can't wait to read more! Well done on the weekend too!