Wednesday, July 06, 2005


We interupt this blogcast to take a moment to acknowlege how STUPID my health insurance company is ...

WICKED STUPID!!! (as they say up in Northern New England)

For the past 48 hours I have been caught up in the endless loop of "pre-approval" hell to fill my RX for the self-injecting pens of Intron-A which I need 3x a week for the next 47 weeks. I asked my Dr. office BEFORE treatment of high-dose started, to make sure I was pre-approved for Interferon.

I imagine I was or they would not have been able to start the high-dose chemo.

I imagine I was or the insurance company would not have already started sending checks to my Dr. covering my high-dose treatment.

Apprently I am mistaken. Suddenly the insurance company is not aware of my present need for Intron-A.

I have been diagnosed for 5 months!
I have had 2 surgerys, which they covered!
I have had 4 weeks of chemo, which they are covering!



nancytoby said...

Insurance companies are the lowest forms of life. Urrrrgh.

TriFeist said...

It makes me wonder. What exactly did they think was going to happen next?