Friday, July 01, 2005

Time Trial ...

or as they say in France: Contre La Montre (Race of Truth).

Today was a chance to get in an early morning (5:45AM) run and see just where I am at. The trail near my home has mile markers and "rolls" down hill with a large hill to descend at the start and a small hill in the middle on the way out and as you would imagine, roll uphill on the way back. So I knew my first mile would be fast and my second mile would be pathetic.

I figured that if I averaged those 2 splits, I might get a moderate "pace" indicator to start with.

Holly's 40 Minute Workout (2.5 miles) - 3/1 Run/Walk Intervals
Walked 5 minutes
Mile 1 – 12:22 (good effort – kind of TT to see what I had)
Mile 2 – 15.08 (I had to walk a little more between run intervals ...)
Cool down – 6 minute walk
My guess is that if I can settle into a grhythmthum, right now I could probably run/walk 13:30 miles. That's not a bad goal for the Army 10 Miler and the Marine Corps. Of course I have to start running more than 2 miles .... but that's just a minor detail really .... HE HE HE


You can follow it on OLN or you can follow it online at The Paceline Lance Armstrong's Official Fan Website.

It's going to be a great Tour no matter the outcome ... and although I won't actually be there in person to watch is this year, you can bet I will be GLUED to the TIVO for 2 hours every day!


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nancytoby said...

You have a TiVo and I don't!!! *sob* So tomorrow at 11:30am I'd better be done with my long run!!!!!!