Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Tag - IPod Mini style

Oldman tagged me to list my top six favorite songs. I like too many different types of music to narrow it down to six so I figured that I would list the top six most played songs on my IPod Mini.

Holly's Top Six Workout Songs:

Burning down the House - Talking Heads
Dirty - Christina Aguilera
Carry On Wayward Son - Kansas
Get Ur Freak On - Missy Elliot
Right Now - Van Halen
Smooth - Santana (with Rob Thomas)

I am now going to reverse the tag and ask Oldman and Nancy and Flatman and Linae to share one song they love without shame. You know what I mean .... that one song that everybody else complains about that you love in spite of the mocking you may receive from others.

Mine is: Doing da BUTT - EU (Experience Unlimited)

Sounds crazy but I am not the only one who likes it! It has been rated as one of the top 200 most requested songs by Wedding DJs. I knew in my heart I wasn't the only one who loved this song!


the flea said...

no, you're not alone! da butt has always had a special place in my heart as it is one of a very few songs with my name in it. and don't you know...melissa got a big ole butt, oh yeah!

Flatman said...

I love da butt! Owwww...sexy, sexy...

I love to rock out to "It Takes Two" by Rob Base! Oh my god, I can't believe I admitted it. I am working on my list for my blog right now...

kerihadley said...

no comment on da butt song, but i'm glad to read that all is going well. i was out wogging (Walk/jogging) with my 10k girls on the mt vernon trail this last weekend. we could of "run" into each other.

Holly said...

Oh Flatman .. Rob Base rocks too!

He's "not internationally known but he's known to ROCK the microphone...."

LOL .. another great song! I need to go find it and download it!

TriFeist said...

OOOO-KKKKKK...I have a secret love for country music...but the song I hate to admit I love...Men Without Hats: "Safety Dance", followed closely by One Night In Bangkok and anything by A-Ha.

nancytoby said...

Hmm, good question! I'll have to think about this one!