Saturday, May 13, 2006

Belle Haven Drive...

After taking another recovery day and skipping a dose of Interferon, my dizziness subsided enough to allow me to jump in the pool for a 30 minute workout on Friday after work. I took my time and did a nice 1100 yards filled with some drills and lazy laps. I focused on my form and practiced my flip turns and I am happy to say that I am really getting the hang of them. Too bad flip turns don't make any difference in open-water swims. Unless I flip turn off my fellow triathletes ...but that would send me in the wrong direction and make me very unpopular, I imagine.

So this morning, I slept in a little and then meandered out with Sunshine, my trusty bike, for a ride. The goal for this ride was simply to be out and get some saddle time. I had no "speed" ambitions of any kind so my pace was nice and easy. I covered about 30 miles and average just under 12 mph. A very casual pace indeed...

I live in a hilly section of Alexandria. To get to the bike trails, I ride "down" to the river so the end of my ride always have 2 miles of "uphill". All this spring, I have found myself walking up Belle Haven Dr... until today! Today, I simply refused to let Belle Haven win. I just put the bike in the lowest gear I had and focused.

"Just keep pedaling ... Just keep pedaling"

And then I was at the top!! No more excuses for this hill forr the rest of the season! I didn't break any records BUT I didn't get off my bike ... It's a good start and I'll take it!

Too all you "Moms" and "Mr. Moms" .. I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow!


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Anonymous said...

"Just keep pedaling...just keep pedaling"
That's a great mantra for life when it all seems uphill...