Thursday, May 11, 2006

Race and Recover ..

The Oncologist Office called me back this morning to check and see how I was feeling today. Knowing me as well as they do, Megan, my nurse-practitioner, asked me if I had been doing any marathons this weekend.

"Well I did a triathlon but it was only a sprint distance ..."

He He!!

Dr. Butler thinks that the clumsiness, dizziness and numbness is peripheral nueropathy and an "Interferon-related" side effect and told me to just try and "soldier on" to the very end if I can. (It's only 2 more weeks...) Megan suggested that if I was still feeling bad towards the end of the day that it might not be a bad idea to skip tonight shot and tonight's workout.

I thought about skipping the shot but not skipping the workout ... but common sense did prevail because if I was "dizzy" simply laying in bed this morning, I am more likely to be even more disoriented in the pool later tonight.

So I am simply going to accept that this week is a "recovery week" and lay off the workouts for another day. I shall reap the rewards of my extra "rest days" in this weekends workouts.

I guess the Interferon wants to go out with a BANG! Either that or my body is finally crying "U_N_C_L_E" after being fooled into thinking it has been sick for a year now.

Only 6 SHOTS left!!!!! Now that is something worth being a little dizzy over!


'Zilla said...

Oh, you're almost there! You can finally see that finish line!

I remember when it was 11 weeks, now only TWO!!! (I'm sure that is still stretching in front of you, but you've been so strong.) I know you can do this.

So, do you have a celebration planned for when it's over? Maybe if you focused on that (kind of like shopping while you're tapering for a race?), it would help the time go faster?

Cliff said...


Kick butt....6 more shots...doing tri while taking shots are already beyond me :)

Bolder said...


you're doin' grrrrrreeeeaaaaaaaat!

Iron Benny said...

Yes, the end is near and it is definately worth getting dizzy over. So glad to hear it is almost over. Hope you are able to get through the week ok. Did you notice that you said, "it was only a sprint"? How great is that?! Do you rememeber the days when you just wanted to finish a sprint? I know I do, but now, "it was only a sprint". Wow, how much grow in such little time. Thanks for the shout out in the previous post. But, you are the one with the courage and the lessons to teach. Keep it up.

KLN said...

Wow, the end is so close, can't wait to celebrate with you!!!!