Monday, May 01, 2006

May Is Melanoma Awareness Month - Get a free screening on Saturday!

May is here and today is MELANOMA MONDAY! As you all know, Melanoma is a subject that I am all to familiar with and while I wouldn't wish this diagnosis on any one else ... I want to make sure that my extended family and friends are well educated on the topic because an early diagnosis could save your life or that of somebody you love!!

So for the next month, every post will include some kind of tip or fact relating to Melanoma! May your increased awareness save the life of somebody you love .. now or in the distant future .... Cancer touches too many lives!

WHY? Because as myself, OldMan, Cliff, Bolder, Ken, Kim and Flatman can tell you ....(along with many other people, unfortunately) .... CANCER SUCKS!


To raise awareness about the importance of skin cancer screenings, nearly 2,000 dermatologists provide free skin cancer screenings across the country as part of the Academy's National Skin Cancer Screening Program. On Saturday, May 6, 2006, the Academy will attempt to set a Guinness World Record for the most people screened for skin cancer in a single day. To locate a free screening, the public can visit

It is estimated that there will be about 111,900 new cases of melanoma diagnosed in 2006, representing a more than 9 percent increase in new cases of melanoma since 2005. This year alone, nearly 8,000 deaths will be attributed to melanoma, yet when detected early, skin cancer has a 95 percent cure rate.

"The earlier you detect skin cancer, the better your chances of complete cure," said Dr. Stone. "That's why we recommend everyone conduct self- examinations and see a dermatologist if you find something suspicious."

May 1 is Melanoma Monday and the launch of Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month®. For more information about skin cancer, please visit http://www.skincarephysicians.comand click on "SkinCancerNet."

Live STRONG!!!


Bolder said...

what a great country!

i will participate!!

XF-15DCC said...
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Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Holly - one can never share too much info on the cancers that affect us. Raising awareness by posting about it this month is a wonderful idea. If I haven't said it before, you are an inspiration.

The Dating Rhapsodist said...

I'm 3.5 years melanoma free! I've never heard of Melanoma May or free screening but think it's great! What a great idea you have to post the're so right about early detection. I fear this is a disease that's going to get much worse before it gets better. Good job on trying to get the word out.