Monday, May 01, 2006

Introducing ... Wallace & Grommet

Saturday afternoon Jim and I went to the Breeder in Fredericksburg, VA and pick out out our Bengal Cats! Or perhaps I should say we picked Wallace (brown spotted male bengal) and Grommet (silver spotted female bengal) picked us.

Our first stop in the house was to see the silver spotted litter of kittens. There were 6 kittens (3 of which were already spoken for) and as soon as we walked in the room one of the kittens came right on over. She just walked right up to us, tail high in the air - and began to check Jim out!**

(**DID I MENTION THAT ALL ANIMALS LOVE JIM?!? - It is almost enough to make a girl jealous!)

While she had far less spots than her sisters, I was immediately taken by her personality. She was only timid when Jim moved suddenly to pick up another kittens and then she scooted right under him and hid out between his legs. Then she realized I was in the room and came over to check me out. She might not have been the most beautiful of her other two sisters but she won me over with her charm and I was the "key decision-maker" for this litter, it was an easy choice!

We then went to the other bedroom to see the brown spotted litter of 3 kittens. We had originally hoped for the female kitten in that litter but the Breeder wanted to keep her for her own program and the male was already promised to another buyer. As luck would have it, the other buyer passed on this little brown spotted boy because he didn't have the "right markings" ... so Jim and I were anxious to see him.

He is a beautiful brown spotted Bengal who is going to look stunning!! He was a little scared of us and kept calling for his Momma (who would call back and came over to check us out as well) but he let us hold him and showed off his beautiful spotted belly once he realized we were not going to take him away from Momma just now. Jim had the choice to make this time and he was quick to say "We'll take him!!"

So now in 60 days, we will head back down to Fredericksburg and bring Mr. Wallace and Ms. Grommet home with us for good. First they need more time with their Momma and their siblings to grow big and strong and happy and then they will be fixed. We will bring them home after they are spayed and neutered on the first week in July right after Bike Virginia!

The breeder said as soon as they were old enough, she would start letting the kittens play together and bond and told us that if we wanted to, we could come down often to bond with them as well! I can't believe that they are finally ours!

Here is a peek at Wallace and Grommet!!

Ms. Grommet is a Curious Kitten!

Showing us her good side!

Ms. Grommet

grommet kisses
Grommet Kisses for her new Mommy!

wallace - babyboy
Mr. Wallace is a Cautious Kitten!

wallace & mom
Wallace and Mommy (DOT)

wallace belly
Our Beautfiul Boy! His marking are going to be STUNNING!


William said...

Awesome cats! I have 2 myself, but man, those are good looking cats.

Good luck keeping your house in order!

TriFeist said...

What little cuties they are!

Shelley said...

A big AWWWWWWWWWWWWW they are so're so lucky!!

Cliff said...

Very cute.

surferchickHG said...


oh Holly they are ADORABLE!!! I guess i'm going to be an Aunt before you are, haha! I can't wait until i get to meet them, and i can't wait till you guys get them home and take tons of pictures!!!

Ellie said...

Awww.... I want one....