Sunday, April 30, 2006

A Week of Workouts!

In spite of a very full week of work and some socializing, I managed to get all my workouts done this week!! Every muscle aches right now but it is a "good ache"!!

I have learned just recently that having a workout buddy makes a huge difference in the quality of my workouts. I guess having somebody else suffering along with me keeps my "inner whiner" at bay and I seem to be able to push that little bit more. The perfect example of this was on Wednesday night when I met Keri for a bike ride.

Our ride was delayed a "low-air tire" and by my ability to "ruin" any tube that I come in contact with, which required Keri to take a short jog to the local bike shop by the bike trail (thank gosh there was one)!! Even so, one we got going - we had a good 13 mile ride and we managed to end the ride with some short sprints where I brieflyo saw 17 MPH on a false flat ... It's a start!

On Friday I tried to teach myself how to do a basic "flip turn" in the pool in prep for the HomeGrown Triathlon next weekend. I figured that it has got to save me a minute or two in overall time since the entire swim is in the pool. Alas, I just could not get the hang of it and of the 9 other people at the pool - NOT ONE OF THEM KNEW HOW TO DO IT EITHER!! What are the odds of that?

So today Keri and I got together again and after doing the Vienna Elementary School 5K in my painfully slow 39:50** run/walk pace, we headed to the pool to try more Flip Turns. And after one or two times of watching Keri do a flip turn and talking about "how it was happening" - I actually did one! And then another and another!!

So now the goal for the week is to feel more comfortable with the flip turns and acutallytry to use them on race day to gain a minute or two.

**Keri kindly forgot to mention the fact that the entire 5k course is either uphill or downhill**
In terms of a brief Race Report for the 5K, today's run was preceeded yesterday by a 28 mile bike ride so I am not too concerned with how awful the run felt. We all have those kinds of workouts and it is not likely to be my last.

I am thrilled to report that this weekend, I swam, biked and ran the distances required for my race next Sunday. It was a good reminder that these are all distances that I am very capable of finishing and I can do anything for about 2 hours so there is no reason to think that I won't finish on Sunday .. so now I can focus on trying to finish STRONG!

My totals for the week:
SWIM - 2400 yards - 3 workouts
BIKE - 45 miles - 2 workouts
RUN/WALKS - 8 miles

Slowly getting back on track! Seven Days to Race Day!


kerihadley said...

go,go,go yeah us.

Cliff said...

Go Holly..look forward to your race this sat.. :)