Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Motivation Central ...

This bumper sticker is on my fridge.

I bought it at the Myrtle Beach Marathon Expo along with a few others. If you come to our place, you will also find two 2006 Bike mileage charts (one for Holly and one for Jim), various magnets that only mean something to Jim and I, a photo of me crossing the finish line at the Timberman Half Ironman in August 2004 and a poem that a fellow TRI_DRS member sent me last year entitled "What will it take?"

The fridge door seems to have become Motivation Central.

Last night I spent some time working on a 5 Week training plan to get me ready for the Homegrown Triathlon on May 7th. So it was no surprise that I wanted to put my 5 week SPRINT TRI workout schedule on the fridge. It is up there and it is a good plan that will get me to Race Day feeling fitter and ready for the distance.

Seeing all that stuff on my fridge made me wonder where other people keep their motivation?

Leave a comment, PLEASE: Where is your MOTIVATION CENTRAL?

Keeping On and Living STRONG!


nancytoby said...

Lately my motivation central is distributed in 3 places: my big laminated yearlong calendar that I write my workouts on, my Excel file that is my real true permanent log, and the right sidebar of my blog where my workouts ALSO get logged.

The most important is the tally of weeks that I have met my minimum goals. That's the kicker that's really gotten me working out to hit my numbers each week.

Flatman said...

My office. I spend the most time planted in my cube, so it only seems right that I plaster the walls with pictures, quotes and other assorthed motivators!!!

Cliff said...

I have a white board in my room with the question, "What do you do today for Ironman 2007?"

TriFeist said...

Funny, my schedule is posted to the 'fridge, too. All my workouts are marked off which means my consistency stares me in the face each time I make dinner.

But motivation central? Each time I want to skip a workout, I ask "is this what a successful athlete would do?" If the answer is no, I rethink my motivation. This works 50% of the time.

Keryn said...

I have two: My fridge (nice idea) and my bathroom wall. I put a posterboard with pictures of chicks running, biking, flexing, etc. along with sayings and words to keep me focused.

More than movitation central, it's focus central. It keeps me focused on what I'm doing and why.

The true motivation central is my 4 year old son... :)

Bolder said...

my blog.

i post it all there.

Mom said...

My kids are my motivation. All that they do and aspire to do is my motivation. They are all unique adults.Full of ambition and motivation.

Ellie said...

My training schedule. For some reason, currently my motivation is more to stick to my schedule than actually thinking about my event!

Also my wetsuit... gotta lose about 10 more pounds to get it to fit me right :-)

*jeanne* said...

I have a cork bulletin board on the wall by the computer where I hang my calendar, my training schedules for events that I set up a full training program (Full marathons and my two semi-ultra weekends: PT Cruiser Challenge & Goofy Challenge), whatever Bib and or Finisher's certificate that is cool & current, and sometimes race brochures. Right now I have the NJ Marathon Finisher's certificate up, as well as a brochure cut to the size & shape of the Disney Mickey medal. I took down my two Goofy bibs just this week.

But my various clubs' Grand Prix schedules, RRCA championships, etc. are all kept in a file, and my Master Calendar (I write all the races/events that are within my consideration on this, so I can know at a glance what options are around & what will conflict with what. This comes in very handy when races get cancelled or rescheduled at the last minute.)

The fridge is mainly for Jamie's performance schedule (because he travels so much), and our doctor/dentist/vet/other appointments, and any shows we have tickets to go see. (Next up is SPAMALOT!)
Last year, we had weddings for LOTS of friends and relatives listed up there, so it looked like the Wedding Central fridge.

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

The back door to our garage door is metal. I have those magnetic words and I make sentences with them.

Like Nancy, I also have an excel file of my workouts and I use breakingthetape.com.

Of course there's my blog and my blogging friends. Lastly I have race photos all over the place.

Dianne W. said...

Unfortunately it's inside my head. And somedays, there's too much stuff in the way for it to get noticed. I'm reading everyone's comments and I'll be putting something up somewhere (visible but out of reach of 2 boys armed with crayons!).