Saturday, April 29, 2006

Time in New England ...

I am finally coming up for air from the long work week!! I never had the spare time to blog but I did manange to get alot of work done and get in a few workouts.. More on that later this weekend.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of flying back to Connecticut to visit my maternal Grandparents and my best friends Theresa and Brian. We are all "College Friends" and have been through "everything and then some" together.

The visit with my Grandparents was wonderful! They looked great and we had a nice time! My Gram is the coolest little lady and the older I get, the better our relationship gets!! My Gramps is pretty awesome too! What can I say, I love them .. I am their first Grandchild ... They are pretty cool and it was great to see them doing well!

The second half of the visit was to see "T" & Brian and to finally meet their latest addition: Jack. While he is now already 10 months old, because of the years craziness, this was the first chance I had to meet him. He is a cutie!!

This also gave me a chance to get reaquainted with their daughter Addy (short for Addison)... We hit is off right away and why wouldn't we? Her Mom and I are best friends and "forever roommates!".

Brian was a total doll all weekend! He watched the kids while "T" and I went shopping and went out to dinner and had some quality "girl time"!! Hopefully the next time I can get to see them, we can spend a little more time together.

So here are a few pictures! Posted with Permission!! Enjoy!

Theresa & Brian
M_D Cosker

Jack, being shy in Momma's Arms

Addy, TinkerBells Newest Competition!

All little girls LOVE their Daddy!

Baby's are Bendy! It's FLEXI-Jack!

Holly and Addy - New Best Friends!
new friends


TriFeist said...

Too cute! Looks like a great time.

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Great pics and thanks for sharing.