Monday, April 03, 2006

Cherry Blossom 5K Race Report

I am keeping this report simple because it was a simple race for me. I had originally signed up for the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler back in November but lack of consistent training and some knee issues force me to reconsider the distance. 5K (3.1 miles) would be far enough and I would have to be "OK" with that.

On Saturday, I met up with my friend Keri to pick up our race bibs and tshirts! We both chose to update our shirts to the "tech-T-shirt" and it is a beautiful shirt! I am glad I upgraded!

Sunday started a little later for me than the rest of the folks running the 10 miler. I was out of bed and on the Metro around 7AM and got to the start line at 8AM just as the 10 milers started their day. With 45 minutes to the start of the 5K, I had time to cheer on the kids 1K and do a little stretching. Those KIDS are so much fun to watch ... I could have stood there and cheered them all day long!

Having just come off of physical therapy for my knee and a 24 mile bike ride two days prior, I had no idea what to expect so my plan was to start the race strong, run for as long as I could and then settle into run/walk intervals and enjoy the day! No time goals, no worries, just a fun race.

The gun went off and I ran for about 3 minutes before I had to start my walk breaks. I set my watch for 4/1 minute RUN/Walk intervals and just started slowly moving through the back of the pack. I never had any pain and I had fun keeping track of the people around me. Having run this particular course for many different races, I knew what to expect in terms of terrain (FLAT AND WIND) so I put myself on "Interval Autopilot".

There was one woman who was in my sights the entire race. She had a blond ponytail, similar body type and was running around my pace. She and I passed each other constantly over the course of the race -she ran the entire race and I did my RUN/ walk intervals. With less than 100 yards to the finish line, I found her in front of me by less than 10 feet.

I made up my mind that she was NOT passing me at the finish line and picked up the pace a little and passed right by.

My competitive spirit is alive and well.

Post Race I found myself a spot along the finish line of the 10 Miler and cheered the finishers on until I saw Keri, Nancy and The Other Jeanne finish! The four of us hung out together for a bit and then Nancy gave Keri and I a ride to the Metro!!

Nancy, Keri, Holly & Jeanne - post race
My Final gun time was: 40:55 with an average pace of 13:11

That is right around my pace for the Marine Corps Marathon back in October. I'm satisfied that my fitness levels have not dropped too dramatically in the last few months in spite of my lack of workouts.

AND more importantly I am very inspired to get back on track! I have my first Triathlon of the season in 5 weeks and I am going to write out my training plan tonight!


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