Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A Motivating Surprise in the Mail!

I got home late last night and had a nice surprise in the form of junk mail from Marathonfoto.com. It seems that there were photographers at the finish line of the Cherry Blossom 5K and they got a picture of me as I passed Blond Ponytail, Similar Body Type Lady!

It's a small image (because Marathonphoto wants you to PAY PAY PAY for a big picture) but I am looking strong!

This picture makes me want to go and run some more! Looks like I have some good inspiration for tonight's TEMPO run!

Have a great day folks!


Amazon Alanna said...

That is such a great picture! Mine usually look like I'm a drooling idiot...you make race photo ops look *good*

nancytoby said...

You look GREAT!

I have to browse through and see if there's any of me - I took off my shirt that had my number attached!

Holly said...

I usually look like I am lost in my pictures ... or don't find any at all becasue my bib is all cruppled up ... so thanks!

Nancy, let me know if you find pictures!

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

I love pictures where we are passing someone. Great shot!

Bolder said...

you don't look like you just passed her, you look like you dropped her on the curb like yesterday's news!

great action hero shot!