Monday, April 10, 2006

Gettting back on track...

First of all CONGRATUALTIONS to IRON BENNY who finished his first IRONMAN last night in 12:53.09 just before 8PM last night !!

Last week my focus was on getting back to a regular workout schedule in preparation for my first triathlon in over a year. (Marium Lathlum Homegrown Triathlon) Since I have not been very consistent with workouts since my knee problems in January, I had no idea what to expect from this week in terms of energy and endurance.

My week looked something like this:

Tues - 20 minute RUN/WALK (TEMPO PACE 12:00 min miles - 2/1 intervals) - 500 yards in the pool (14:09)

Wed - 10 mile BIKE (inside)

Thurs - 700 yards in pool (with Drills)

Fri - 25 minute RUN/WALK (2:1 intervals)

Sat - OFF - RAINY DAY (missed a 60 minute LONG RUN)

Sun - 20 mile BIKE - OUTSIDE - 1:50 minutes

I was able to complete 6 of the 7 planned workouts. My workouts averaged around 30 minutes a day during the week with a longer bike ride of 2 hours on Sunday. The missed workout happened on a "rainy day" on Saturday but truth be told ... I was going to miss a work out this weekend anyways ... that is how much I underestimated my FATIGUE levels on Interferon.

The FATIGUE from my Inteferon therapy is definately progressive. My workouts on Tuesday and Wed felt like good hard efforts. Thursday swim was hard and by my workout on Friday, I felt like I had nothing to give. It was a lousy run but I was able to finish it. Some workouts are like that. Based on Friday's workout, I was happy that the forcast said "RAIN ALL DAY" on Saturday.

I realized on Sunday that 30 miles wasn't in the cards because I was pretty tired after 10 miles on flat roads so I settled for 20 miles knowing that I would be close to the 2 hour mark; which is where I expect my first race of the season to be (around 2 hours to finish).

Last night I had a hard time sleeping and awoke this morning feeling a little extra lousy but since today is an official "RECOVERY DAY" - I'm not too concerned. I figure that I will re-eavaluate my weekend "long" workouts a little to see if I can find a better balance that lets me get in the workouts I need without leaving me as "tired and cranky" ....

I know there is a happy medium in here somewhere between my fatigue and working out, I simply need to mix things up a little to find it .... and with only 7 weeks to go with the Interferon, I am not going to let a little "FATIGUE" get in my way!

It's Monday! Live STRONG!


TriFeist said...

6 of 7 workouts is great! Definitely watch those long workouts. Consistency will give you a huge boost, even if the distances are a little shorter.

Steven said...

You're staying consistent and that counts for a lot. Keep it up.

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Good stuff, Holly