Thursday, October 05, 2006

And on and on....

Last night I skipped my workout in favor of playtime with the Kittens. I am enjoying my week of recovery from the half marathon while I figure out what I'd like to focus on "fitness wise" for the next 12 weeks.

KIM UPDATE: I'm happy to say that my friend Kim has been released from the hospital and is home. "Meds added, adjusted and tweaked. Pic line installed. Set up with hospice for home care. No further treatments. Pallative and quality is the name of the game." Kim and her family are in my prayers and I hope they are embracing every moment and enjoying as much time together as possible!

It's been a whirl wind week. Last Wednesday I welcomed my new little nephew Rowen into the world and yesterday's news of Kim's latest battle has reminded me to cherish every moment. I think I need a little time to recharge my battery.

I'm taking a "LONG WEEKEND" from Blogging .... See you all next week!


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Steven said...

Have a fantastic long weekend, Holly.

And keep LivingSTRONG!

Cliff said...


I am glad your friend Kim is at home. I wll keep Kim and her familyh in my prayers as well.

Cancer do suck...