Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A BIG slice of crazy...

Somebody get me a knife cause I feel like cutting myself a big piece of CRAZY!!!

I have been having *hot flashes* ......

I am ONLY 36 people!!!!! I'm not old enough for PeriMenopause never mind full blown Menopause but something is definately going on with my internal thermostat. It's like living with housemates again only they live inside me. Somebody turns the thermostat down and half an hour later the *house* is broiling .... Night and Day!!! UGH!

I go to bed and am at a comfortable temperature and I wake up at midnight and I am throwing the sheets off and am coverd in sweat while Jim and the kittens are all snuggled under the covers.... or like right now, I feel like I am sitting under a heat lamp .... ARG!

I suspect this may be one of those lovely little long term side effects that they failed to mention in the Interferon handbook.

I have calls into my GYN, my ONC and my GP

Question for the GP: Can you take some blood and make sure my thyroid is okay?

Question for the GYN: Is this perimenopause?

Question for the ONC: Have you ever heard of Interferon doing this?

Hey, I still have to download all the pictures of my nephew Rowen that I took this weekend! They are much more interesting than my thermo-body issues ... so I promise to stick to that topic for the next few days unless I get some interesting theories/results from my doctors.

Would somebody please turn down the temp??? Live STRONG!


Carver said...

Hey Holly,

No experience but I hope this will get straightened out soon. What a major drag. Take care of yourself, Carver

XF-15DCC said...

One word will help you and cure all.


Hang in there! Thursday night, the kids and I are going to God Smack and Breaking Benjamine. Rock on!