Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Kim and Annemiek - Both LiveSTRONG!

Kim is no longer suffering and for that, I am very thankful. She will be missed by so many and I wish her family and friends many good blessings as they take this time to celebrate her life.

Kim, you were a great woman and the true embodiment of what it means to Live STRONG! Thank you for your friendship and encouragement. I feel honored to have known you.

On my 8 mile run/walk on Sunday, each consecutive mile I ran was faster than the previous. It was a true case of negative splits. I went from a 13:03 mile down to an 11:40 by Mile 8. Kim was on my mind all through the run and I credit her with that extra boost of energy. She was my "tailwind", I am sure of it!

I am dedicating my 2007 Columbia Triathlon race effort in Memory of Kim. Expect a PR on race day folks!

This weekend was the Austin LiveSTRONG Challenge and CCC Teammate Annemiek Sistermansnot only rode over 1,000 miles from Minneapolis, MN to Austin, TX to participate in the event but she also raised $20,000.00 for the Lance Armstrong Foundation AND then rode the Century portion (100 miles) of the Challenge on Sunday, October 8th.

Annemiek was kind enough to include Kim on her ride....(lower right hand corner).

Way to GO! Annemiek! Congratulations!


Live STRONG and be thankful for every day you have!


Shelley said...

Well that is just heartbreaking!! I'm so sorry to hear about this. I'm sure Kim will be missed terribly.

Ellie said...

You were a wonderful friend to Kim, as she was to you. Prayers for you and her family and other friends.

Downhillnut said...

So sad to hear about Kim. Thank you for telling us about her effect on your life. Keep up the resolve to LIVE STRONG, Holly. Live well, love life.