Monday, October 02, 2006

Good Weekend for MANY!

Okay ... Cathy and I finished the Maine Half Marathon in 2:56:29.

That is GUN time ... not Chip time because they had problems with the chips but I can tell you that it was a full 2 minutes before we passed the start line after the gun went off .....(I'm *cranky* because if I had known there would be no official chip time I would have taked the darn thing off instead of having it chop 3 little holes into my right ankle ....)

No worries, still SUB 3 hour finish and we have TONS OF FUN which was the whole point!! More with pictures of the "Lobster Girls" later tonight...

My nephew Rowen and sister Heather came home this weekend. So far, so good!! The whole family (Mommy, Daddy, & Baby Rowen) are settling into their new routine. He IS the cutest!!

Nancy and Ellie ROCKED and ROLLED this weekend at their AquaVelo event....Only 5 more weeks until Ironman Florida ... Time for a taper ladies!!!

*Jeanne* ran the WineGlass Marathon this weekend ... but I have not heard her race results yet but I am sure that she did wonderfully and took some great pictures too!

FInally - My good friend and running partner Keri did her first Olympic Distance Triathlon this weekend and finished in 3:20:27!! And she looked *MARVELOUS* while racing ... as I expected! She also raised over $2500.00 for Team In Training/Lymphoma Society while she was at it!

Way to go Keri!!! I can't wait to here all about it!

keri SWIM


Keri Run


kerihadley said...

thanks for the kudos, it seems as if everyone you know had a great weekend, i'm thinking about a race report, i just don't know where to start. i too know of the champion chip malfunction. congrats on the sub 2:56:29 1/2 marathon, in my book that's no way near 3 hours.

Carver said...

Hey Holly,

I checked in to see if you had run the Maine 1/2 marathon yet. To be honest I couln't remember which event was next but in my foggy way I knew you had something coming up and it was great to see that you completed yet another of your amazing goals so soon after INF. Your nephew is adorable. What a great photo. As ever, Carver