Friday, June 19, 2009

FOLLOW-UP: Clumsy Continues...

Got home from work last night and got on the Bike for Workout#2 of the Day. (Workout #1 was an AM SWIM with Team Z, FYI)

2 miles into my ride, at a busy intersection, I waited for a break in the traffic (Stop sign - no traffic light) to cross.

Break in Traffic Came - and my left foot decided not to stay clipped in (or I didn't realize I was not clipped in...)

Left Foot hit the ground and Right Shin hit the right pedal - leaving yet another bruise and creating some tears and swearing along with the following internal struggle:

HOLLY: "Damnit, that hurt - SCR*W this - I'm just going back home."

INNER HOLLY: "Yeah that hurt, soft pedal, relax - just spin in out."

HOLLY: "Maybe this is sign, I'm not supposed to work out today...Damn my shin hurts. [whimper]"

INNER HOLLY: "HTFU Holly!  What are you going to do on IRONMAN race day? Quit if you get a boo-boo then too?"

HOLLY: "What...NO! OK, FINE...I'm feeling better now anyway, an easy mile helped.  Sheesh, third times a charm, right? -  no more bruises this week !"

And with that...I went on and did my BIKE workout for the day...

(For those of you not in the know - HTFU stands for HARDEN THE F**K UP - useful in self-whiner moments for anybody...)

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