Thursday, June 18, 2009

Stay upright much?

Um..what it is with me and falling this week? 2 falls in 5 consecutive days has got to be some kind of record for me.

I have always been a little clumsy in general - I think it is my long feet (size 12 women's), they get in the way - but I never fall more than one in while (months between clumsy acts..)

Saturday, I took a SLOW FALL while getting back on my bike after a quick break to fill my water bottles. Typical CLIPLESS pedal incident. I forgot which foot was clipped in (left) - shifted my weight for a moment and - S_L_O_W___F_A_L_L - No damage to the bike - nasty elbow and leg bruises for me. Hurt my ego more than anything else...

So then yesterday, on my way home from work - I managed to loose my balance going UP the stairs on my way to the L'Enfant Metro Station. It was one of those situtations where you feel yourself falling and try to recover it - only to realize - "Too much momentum already - you are still going to fall..." So at the TOP of the stairs, knowing the fall was coming - regardless of my attempt to recover my balance - I did a "tuck and roll" - after all there was no need to try to stop the fall with my hands and break a wrist!

The very nice stranger who helped me gather my bags off the top of the landing complimented me on my "Tuck and Roll."

GOSH THANKS! LOL - What can I say....if I see the fall coming, "I know how to protect my head and significant body parts..."

Even with my "tuck and roll" technique, I ended up with a nasty scratch on my knee and my left hand is a little scratched up - and I decided that rather than risk another fall - I would do my speed work on the treadmill at the gym - instead of the track (closer to home too...)

I have not been this wobbly and out of sorts since I was on high-dose interferon back in April/May 2005. At least then I could blame it CHEMO - this time is is ALL ME.

Team Z mates - you might want to steer clear of me this weekend at about Mile 18 of the long run or mile 100 of the long bike - I seem to be on some kind of roll.

Thank God tomorrow is a REST DAY!

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HEATHER said...

HAHA! be careful sister!