Tuesday, June 30, 2009

RR: Montclair Triathlon

Last Race before the Big Dance...or HOW TO TOSS THE DNF MONKEY OFF YOUR BACK!

Monclair Triathlon - June 21, 2009
2:44: 23

This would be my last race before IM Lake Placid and after two DNFs this season - I wanted to shake the DNF Monkey off my back once and for all. Met up with Team Z at 5:30AM to pick up my race packet and get the day underway. Saw Debi B. pre-race - looking cool and relaxed - and said "Hi!" Got into transition and got settled and headed out to the water.

SWIM: 28:04 (no wetsuits, water 80F)

Debi B. and I were in the same wave - LOL - but I never saw her until we were out on the bike course. I'm guessing she was hitting the shore as I was hitting the turn bouys. But I had another fantastic swim and another new experience. Wave 4 (women 40+ and Athenas) went off and I had seeded myself mid-pack - and THERE I STAYED UNTIL THE TURN BOUYS! I was a combination of "I feel good / what are all these people doing around me/ get out of my way" It was great until the turn bouys when I really got to experience what it is like to be in the midst of the swim - what a bunch of nuts! I saw more feet and felt more hands and bodies than I have ever cared to experience and I was dreaming of open water. I actually stopped for a moment to let some of these yahoos go by because I was tired of getting my feet pulled and having to dodge other feet. Lesson learned - clear water means losing the draft - I'm sure I was slower on the back half but I was happier in general ...Guess I have to just get used to crowds!

So serious coming out of the water...LOL

T1: 3:24 - A little long in T1 but I wanted to get my socks on straight.

BIKE: 1:09:01 (15.6 mph)

Whheeeee! This was a 3 loop bike course of gentle rolling hills - DOWN - UP - DOWN - UUUPPPP - DOOOWWNNN - nearly all aero, all the time and big chain ring - It was fun and I had a good time passing some of the guys on the descents cause I have hips/booty to spare - of course they always passed me back on the climbs...LOL. Saw Debi B. again as she flew by (I estimated she was already on lap 3 cause I never saw her again until post race.) and took the time to say "Hi Holly! Looking Strong!" I shouted "Debi, You can Do it!" cause I could - LOL - but she was already gone. All in all - fun bike course, done in a flash..

T2:2:22 - almost slipped down the hill - recovered - changed shoes and out I go...

RUN: 1:01:33 (12:15 pace)

Okay - I had a specific goal for the run - practice my IRONMAN plan. 5/1 RUN/WALK intervals at a 12:00 mile pace with the goal to finish the race feeling like I could have run 21 more miles if I had too. I know, the bike was only 18 miles but I wanted to be able to feel my pace, stride and be good with it. The run course was two loops that followed part of the DOWN and UUUUPPPP of the Bike Course with a left turn into a neighborhood that brought us downhill back to the park for a second loop. The biggest surprise on the run was the start of the second loop followed a hiking/single track mountain bike trail for about 1/4 mile through the woods. Off-Roading in Triathlon = Wild Fun! I had a great time slip-sliding down hill through the leaves. Took at GU at the start of the second loop and kept to the plan.

Big Smiles for the finish line!

Finished the 5 mile run feeling like I could run another 21 at 12:00 minute miles (after having run 4 miles less than 10 hours before ) and officially TOSSED THAT DNF MONKEY off my back.

4 weeks to IRONMAN Lake Placid...

Still FOCUSED. Getting EXCITED. Feeling GOOD. Living STRONG!


Gina said...

Nice race report, Holly!! Glad you got rid of that 'monkey'! :)

IronLinae, PhD said...

Get out of my way! I love it. Way to go, Holly.