Thursday, June 04, 2009

Training Perspective....

Hill repeats on the bike was the workout so I thought "Well I keep climbing the same hills in my neighborhood, today I should go elsewhere and climb something longer and harder"

"Where to go?  Long and Hard - think, think, ahhhh - Custis Trail - Lee Highway - that has always been a hard climb for me...5 miles from the office - that is a good warm-up and then I'll climb.

Bottom of Climb:

"OK, here we go....cadence up, SPIN SPIN SPIN, here come the hard hill...."

SPIN, SPIN, SPIN - "Um, okay, here comes the hard hill.."

(still same gear - SPIN SPIN SPIN) - "Here comes the hard hill?"

(top of climb - SPIN SPIN SPIN - only gone down one gear)

"CR*P, I need to find a new hard hill!"

Perhaps a hard weekend in the Poconos wasn't a total bust after all...

Life is GOOD!  Train STRONG!  Live STRONGER!


Catharine said...

LOVE IT! Sometimes our improvments aren't tangible until an experience like this.

You have such a great attitude!

PS - If I had known you'd be at swim this morning I wouldn't have re-set the clock. It would have been nice to swim together.

HEATHER said...

hahaha! great job sister!!