Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

Some pictures from the weekend with a photo credit to Jim. This does not in any way replace a race report but I am hoping it will content you until I am done writing it...Enjoy!

On my wrist on race day, a reminder to "Live STRONG" and a quote from my friend and fellow triathlete, Linae.

Nancy, Holly and Keri around Mile 13.5.

Holly and Nancy looking strong just past the 1/2 Marathon point.

The thumbs say it all ... Mile 19.5 just around the corner to the 14th Street Bridge.

Holly less than 200 feet from the finish line, SMILING all the way!!

26.2 Miles COMPLETE! Keri, Holly and Jim!

For the record: My face in the last picture is covered in sunscreen and salt, I wasn't going for any "Ghost" finish and I am not normally that pale but now I understand why the "Subway" sandwich guy asked me if I wanted food 3 times at Mile 24!!


surferchickHG said...

HOLLY!! I AM SOOOO PROUD OF YOU I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT! You are such an ispiration, and i'm so lucky to have you as my sister! maybe next year i can run with you, i'm sure you missed the bird song....!! I LOVE YOU SISTER!!

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Great pics and congrats!

TriFeist said...

You were definitely strong and persevered. You look like a pro out there, so calm and happy.


TriFeist said...

Oh yeah, and F@CK cancer. You rock.