Thursday, November 03, 2005

Recovery and the Weekend Ahead

My recovery from the marathon is going well. By yesterday the pain in my legs was minimal and this morning I was walking up and down the METRO escalators like my old self. Looks like it will be time to run again soon!! Some of my GIRLS (you know who you are!) gave me some great recommendations for post-marathon recovery. I tried the "cool soak" in the bathtub after the marathon and it seemed to help. Not once did I have to walk down any stairs backwards in the last 72 hours!!

I started back on my subq Interferon shots on Tuesday at 5 MIU. My bloodwork showed that my white blood cell count was normal (WOOHOO!!) but I am still anemic. (DARN!!) Better one than both right? 2nd shot happens tonight but so far the side effects have been minimal and expected. A little under 7 months left!! 30 week to go!

On Sunday, Nancy and *jeanne* are running the ING New York City Marathon on Sunday. I won't be in town but I will be thinking of them both all day and hoping they have the BEST RACES EVER!! GO LADIES GO!!!!

This weekend I will be in South Carolina, in my fancy driving shoes tooling around a track driving a BMW Z-3!! I am going to go as fast as I dare and will be having a wonderful time! We are staying at some fancy 5-star Hotel and will be eating at some of the finer restaurants in the area. This could be a "lifestyle" I could easily become accustomed to.

I'm out of here until Monday! Hope everybody has a great weekend! Keep Living STRONG!!


Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Have a great time!

Cliff said...

Sounds like u are going ot have a great time.

Glad there is no major post marathon pain :)

Steven said...

Congrats on the marathon finish. Something that I always do the day of the marathon and the day after that really helps in recovery is to drink grapefruit juice. The plain, icky, unsweetened type. It helps flush lactic acid out of your leg muscles before they can crystallize and cause the muscle-pain.