Friday, November 18, 2005



This morning on my regular walk into work, my right ankle decided it had had enough and rolled dramatically lurching me towards the street. In an effort to avoid becoming road kill, I attempted to arrest my fall in a series of pinwheels and hops. I am sorry to say that the laws of physics cannot be broken.

I still fell - but at least my pinwheeling and hops landed me on my side on the "side walk".

Apparently it was such a dramatic fall that the man *across the street* yelled out "Are you OK?"

I jumped up, brushed myself off and yelled "Yeah, Thanks" and walked the last 1/4 mile to my office, knowing that the adrenaline rush from the fall would probably only last as long as it took to get my desk - so I had better take advantage of it.

Once in the office, I grabbed some ICE from the cafeteria and took 2 Advil from my desk drawer pharmacy. Then I hobbled (adrenaline wearing off) over to the University Doctor in the Health & Fitness Center.

He proclaimed my right ankle : "Level 1 Sprain", wrapped it nice and tight and told me to stay off it as much as possible this weekend and to take it VERY EASY for the next 10 days.

Looks like I will be focusing on ABS and Upper Body work for the next week or so.

Just call me "Clumsy" .... Hope everybody has a good weekend!


TriFeist said...

That picture makes me cringe. Hope the ankle feels better soon.

Cliff said...

I hope you feel better.

I had the same type of sprain during my training for marathon. I ran over a pothole. Ouch.

A week of rest and I was up and running.

Cliff said...
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'Zilla said...

Oy, ouch!!! That totally stinks. At least when I get injured, I like it to be training related! Same thing happened to me last week (knee). Heal (heel ug) well! :)

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Well that sucks. I sprained my a couple of years ago 3 minutes into a XC race. Do as your told *wink* and you'll be back out there in no time.

Keryn said...

Ooooh ouch. Take care of yourself. I do hate those regular life injuries. It's much more satisfying to have a training related injury. :(

Flo said...

Ouch, ouch, ouch!!! Earlier this year I was making a habit of spraining my ankles (each one 2x). I was almost 5 months getting them both healed up. The doc told me that the more time you stay off intially the faster it will heal. Take it easy, rest it, and don't be like me!!!!

kerihadley said...

was the man who yelled cute? if so, then it was worth it. rest up

Bolder said...

yikes -- quit trying to play in the traffic Holly!

glad you are OK, get better soon.

Iron Benny said...

Oh boy, it could have been alot worse. Maybe you aren't as clumsy as you think. Perhaps your grace prevented you from tearing ligaments or something. You should read if you want to read about a serious ankle injury. She is my wife and she is still suffering. Two ankle surgeries after the tri season for her. Ouch!

Nytro said...

yep... iron benny is right. my ankle is pretty much screwed. mine was a grade three. the ligaments are gone... the doctor can't find them on the MRI. and i chipped bone when the two bones hit when i did it. you can see pictures of it here

hope yours is feeling better.