Thursday, November 10, 2005

Still Here ...

Sorry I have been so quiet since Marine Corps. I guess my recovery extended into a little blog break. Triathlon/endurance sports wise it has been a quiet week. I did a 35 minute spin on the bike trainer on Tuesday and will take a spin tonight after work. I am headed out of town for the weekend so I plan to take full advantage of the pool at the Marriott since it is very likely to be TOO COLD to go for a run up in Manchester, N.H. You'd never know I was born in New England, I am such a "cold weather WIMP" now a days. It's been years since I attended a wedding so I am looking forward to the weekend and the mini-college reunion.
I'd like to take a moment and welcome a new little someone!

Joseph Diastado Y. was born yesterday to Liz and Kevin. He came into the world at 7 pound and 18 inches long.

May your every wish and dream come true Joseph!!
Live STRONG and a good weekend everybody!


Cliff said...

Is that your cat? Oh I got to get a pic of my cat in that position.

TriFeist said...

You cannot be more of a cold weather wimp than I. Glad to hear your recovery is going well. Have fun at the wedding!!!

Iron Benny said...

I showed Nytro the picture of that cat. That is hilarious. She always loves those kind of animal pictures. Thanks for the pic, it brought a beautiful smile to my wifes face. Always a sight to see!

Ellie said...

Holly -- are you where I am? Training Never-Never-Land? After-The-Event-Why-Bother-Land?

Are you OK?