Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Last night I had my first "official" swim workout since May 2005. Coach Debi has me on a new workout schedule that involves 3 days ON/1 day OFF for the next 4 weeks. Daily workouts focus on "one sport" (swim, bike, run) and average anywhere from 20-45 minutes to help me get back in the multisport groove. She has also added some "core building exercises" at my request. I want to gain some core body strength this winter!!

Back to my first swim in six months. It took me 20 minutes to log 600 yards and I was truly tired at the end. Now I understand why Coach Debi said "Just focus on 25 yards at a time, Holly, and practice good form." She must have known how much it was going to kick my butt!!

Some Observations from my "First Swim of the NEW Season"

• I'm slow ... sea turtle slow....

• My ears hurt *a lot* when I tried to alternate laps from Freestyle to Backstroke - so endeded up sticking to the Freestyle - I must have some weird sinus stuff going on (probably Interferon related) since I have never had pain like that in previous years.

• I need a new bathing suit because my current suit rubs against my port on every right arm stroke - it's not painful but it sure is "annoying and distracting" - Time for New Gear!!

• When I got out of the pool I was "dizzy and light-headed" - seems my equilibrium is a little off (again possible sinus issues? Damn Interferon!)

Anybody have any suggestions/solutions for the ear pain??



Cliff said...

Poor kitty. They don't like it when they get wet.

Glad to see that u are going back into the training.

Holly said...

Thanks Cliff!

I *LUV* the kitties! Unfortunately none of the cat's I have posted pictures of are mine HOWEVER that will change before the year is out and then look out! It will be all about cats and triathlon...


Bolder said...

that's a great start Holly! keep workin' it... my first workout, and my first master's class, i was real dizzy... hopefully it will get better for you too... get a new swimsuit that's better for you and your port -- you deserve it!

Iron Benny said...

Gotta love getting new gear. Also, maybe you are light headed because you aren't getting enough air. Maybe you need to work on your breathing. Just a thought, that was a huge problem for me for a long time. Keep up the good work, you rock!

melbel said...

Hey, Hol. Do you think the ear pain is pressure related or water related? That could determine what you do. Let me know. I had a ton of ear issues with swimming all those years ago. Are you using earplugs?

GatorJamie said...

Congrats on getting back in the pool and good luck on your ankles (coming from Miss Butter Ankles herself).

Don't worry about swimming speed - you never can be as slow as me. :) And you will improve as you get back into the rhythm.

As to the sinus-y issues, try using a noseclip. Yes, yes, yes, I know that they look dorky, but indoor pools tend to OD on the pool chemmies, especially if kids are using the pool. Lots of people are sensitive to chlorine - you might be one of us.