Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Labor-Vibes and Swimming....

First off, I am *NOT* an Aunt yet! It seems that Rowen is warm and happy in Heather's womb and reluctant to go anywhere just yet. After about 18 hours, my sister is just 1cm dialated and ready to get the show on the road. If you have a moment, send her some "GOOD VIBES" .. maybe all the extra energy will help her along ..... Come on Rowen, Big World Out Here with lots of people anxious to meet you!!!!

Last night I decided to give my legs another abreviated rest day before this weekend's Maine 1/2 Marathon. While Cathy and I will not be "racing", we have decided to go ahead and participate. The race welcomes walkers and variations on that theme so we are going to stick to the back of the pack and do what we can to have fun and make our fellow "Back of the Packers" smile and have fun too!

So I got in the pool for the first time since May and did a very leasurely 1200 yards in about 30 minutes with plenty of slow laps where I simply focused on my form and technique.

Overall Observation: WOW!!! Swimming in a pool while not under the daily influence of Interferon is WONDERFUL!

While on chemo, 1200 yards would leave me truly exhausted and pretty much done for the night. What a revalation that was for me about how much of an overall impact the year of Interferon really was having on my fitness/endurance and general engery levels.

I actually got out of the pool and was looking forward to the next swim workout ... There is hope for me yet!

Don't forget to send some "GOOD VIBES" Heather's way!! She can use them!

Live STRONG and enjoy your day!


Shelley said...

GO HEATHER GO!!!!!!!! I hope she opted for that epidural..:-D

*jeanne* said...


Goe, Sisters Gannoe, Goe!


Hope that baby enjoys being the cneter of attention, but makes a full entrance SOON!

*jeanne* said...

Umm - I meant CENTER of attention.

I HATE typos! But I was too lazy to proof-read. ~sigh~