Friday, September 22, 2006

NDU 5K: "To Begin Again"

In essense, I am starting from scratch. Today was my first timed running road race since I finished my year of chemo/cancer treatment so this is the "Post-Cancer Holly" baseline from which all times will be compared in my running through the end of 2006.

Technically, I could call this a post-cancer PR (personal record) but I have run faster in the past so I won't call this a PR but I will call it a good start.

Not only did I get to run this race BUT I also got to design the T-Shirt! (see image above) Not too bad a deal!

The course is FLAT and started at 12:30PM. We run on the National Defense University campus which is on Fort McNair in Washington, DC and runs parallel with Haines Point/West Potomac Park for those of you who have run a race here in the DC area. I ran along the same course as President Bush did during the Presidential Fitness Challenge 3-Mile Run in June 2002.

George ran this course in 20:29.

Today's overall winner ran the course in 17:48.

It is the same extact terrain as the Navy 5 Miler this weekend (in fact that race start is less than 3 miles away) so it was a good test of the pace strategy that I plan to use.

The weather was perfect! 67 and a cool breeze coming off the water.

I went out faster than I wanted to but it is hard not to do that in this race. I tried to ignore those around me and stick to my 4/1 RUN/WALK intervals. My goal anything smaller than 12:30 minute miles.

Mile 1: 11:08
(that includes walk breaks! NIce to know that I can run sub 11:00 miles still)
Mile 2: 11:52
(Now that is what I was looking for...)
Mile 3: 12:36
(OOPS! I guess that was the sub 11:00 mile catching up with me)


I TAKE IT! So my average pace was somewhere around 11:50 - not such a bad place to start from! I will take it.

Now onto this weekend Navy 5 Miler. I have got nothing to loose in this race so my goal is to stick close with my friend Keri and see how far I can go before I blow up using 4/1 RUN/Walk. Now that I know what kind of pace I am doing, I'd like to finish the Navy 5 Miler in 60:00 or less.

It's good to have a goal! Live STRONG!


Anonymous said...

Cool!!! Did W really run in 20 minutes? Very impresive.

TriFeist said...

How awesome for you. An 11:50 everage is very respectable. Greata job! That 5 miler will be great.

nancytoby said...

You rocked, Holly! And the shirt design looks awesome!!

It's totally correct to start keeping PRs all over again, with no apology to anyone. I did that after my girls were born because I felt like I was coming back from scratch. You can too!!

*jeanne* said...

Cool post!
Cool design for the shirt!
Cool Presidential running pic!
Cool Phoenix-y rising again to start counting PRs from here on!
Have a TERRIFIC Navy Birthday 5-Miler! :-)