Sunday, September 24, 2006

Navy 5 Miler


24 seconds within my "goal" for the day. I'm happy with that.

Keri was a great running partner and kept reminding me:
"This is supposed to be fun!"

And it was fun and it didn't kill me and I learned that I need to power walk on my walk breaks instead of a leasurely stroll.

For the record, when the watch hit 59:xx, I picked up the pace and sprinted to that finish line passing the woman in front of me by a mear second. That second scored me one more place in my age group and kept me under the "round up" number that might as well have been 61:00 minutes.

The weather was perfect, breezy and overcast. With a few token rain drops at the end. Followed by a lovely Brunch with Keri and a day of errands and house cleaning. Not such a bad way to spend a Sunday.



Flatman said...

Way to go HOLLY!!!!!!

kerihadley said...

see... i told you this was fun