Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A weekend full....

So much that happened this long weekend:

-• We bought a steam cleaner and are carpets are looking marvelous! Never again will the pear tree in the front yard get the better of me by leaving "pear muck" on my shoes that I can't clean off the carpets.

-• We had a BLAST with Wallace and Grommette and some playtime in the *BATH TUB* .. Seriously .. I will post pictures later this week... Our cats love to play in the bath tub - WHEN THERE IS WATER IN IT!!!

-• I got a nice long 56 mile bike ride in on Sunday morning. I now have no doubts about my ability to finish the
LiveSTRONG Challenge Ride ride next weekend - 70 mile option that is...

I stuck to the local multi-use trail for the majority of my ride. Because I that, I did have to weave my way around a few joggers with head sets and a kamikaze squirrel or two. I chose to leave pretty early on Sunday morning and so the number of trail users was low, which helped some in terms of "crowdedness."

What I am about to say needs a small disclaimer: I am very thankful that I can ride at all and still
cover those kinds of distances but....

I am SOOOO sick of having 12 MPH being the average pace on my bike
computer...It is so SLOW!!!!!! I am ready to get faster again.

I guess that is going to take more consistent riding and a loss of about 35 pounds. I am working on both those problems but in the meantime, I am going to simply be happy that I can ride a bike at all....

Less than 6 days to the LiveSTRONG Challenge Ride in Philly! I am looking forward to the ride and very proud of the money that Jim and I have been able to raise.

To date the two of us have raised a combined total of:$2,620.01

I'd like to get Jim's fundraising total over $500.00 before the week ends and I have a few family and friends I have not reached out to yet so I am hoping that we can boost that overall total to closer to $2800.00 by the time the event rolls around.

All in all I have been touched and honored at the generosity of so many people when it came to making a donation! Thank you to everybody who was able to contribute! The money will make a difference in the fight to cure cancer and support future survivors!

- There will be more later this week on the adventures of Wallace & Grommette and the BathTub .. as well as more on my training in general .. but for now, that is the weekend recap!


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Carver said...

Hey Holly,

I hope you have a great ride in Philly. Getting ready for the live strong challenge ride AND steam cleaning your carpets, WOW. I just keep piling throw rugs on top of my carpeting and hope no one notices something scary creeping out. I've been thinking about you and hope everything an all fronts is going well.

Regards, Carver