Friday, September 01, 2006

Shake and Bake and Ernesto

Last night I took a quick run before Jim and I went on a "movie date"! We saw Will Ferrel in Talladega Nights: The Legend of Ricky Bobby. It was a fun flick and a good way to spend a few hours away from the house and NOT at work or at the gym for a change!

The weather was perfect for a late afternoon run, just around 70 with low humidity. My pace is slowly picking up and I found myself considering "speed work" and "tempo runs" in the gym this winter. It seems that good workouts bring out the "desire to work hard" for me. I'm ready to build some serious foundation this winter so that I can come out "ready to race" this spring!

As I said the run was short, just 2.5 miles and when my watch beeped indicating it was time to turn around and head back for home, the incoming winds of Tropical Storm Ernesto began to make themselves known. There was stuff kicking up all over the place and my uphill slog home made me feel like I was running in a wind tunnel set on "low".

The crest of the hill gives me some respite before the finish of my run because from there it is gently downhill to my driveway. Instead of simply running to the driveway and being done, I vowed to do a little more before my workout ended.

I set my iPod to my most motivating song: Right Now by Van Halen, pressed the play button and ran past my driveway 2/10th of a mile to the circle at the end of the street. There I turned around, rested for a moment, waited for the perfect moment in the chorus ...... RIGHT NOW .... HEY! IT'S YOUR TOMORROW....

And sprinted back to my driveway like I was about to win a race.

It took about 5 minutes before my heartrate came back to normal as I sat on the livingroom stairs, gulping air and having Wallace and Grommette crawl all over me, sniffing my running shoes and licking salt off my legs.

::BIG STUPID GRIN:: He He He, Life is GOOD! Live STRONG and enjoy your weekend!

Van Halen - Right Now


kerihadley said...

shake and bake holly, we're off to a crab festival on the eastern shore and a weekend of semi camping so keep ernesto away. i've got a 10k sat. to keep me on my training schedule, we're bringing bikes and there is water for open swim practice. happy labor day

Shelley said...

whoa, stay out of that storms path!! And here I thought this post was about chicken...:-D

TriFeist said...

RIGHT NOW! What a motivating song. That sprint sounded like fun.

Hope Ernesto doesn't wash you away.