Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Dead Legs...

I had DEAD LEGS on my 18 mile BIKE last night but it's not as bad as it sounds.

DEAD LEGS is the expression that Jim and I use when we do a ride or a run and it feels like you have "nothing" available to give in the workout. I guess it would be easier to say that "my legs felt really *fatigued* during last nights workout" but the truth is that DEAD LEGS is more accurate in terms of how it feels.

So I am going to take an unplanned RECOVERY day today and move my next run to tomorrow night. It's all about training smart this time around. Besides, when it comes to workouts "A Change will do you Good" as the Sheryl Crow song says.

Tonight we have a trip to the Vet for Wallace and Grommette. So far they don't associate anything *bad* with these Vet visits and so they behave well and don't mind the car ride. This will be the first time that they won't ride together in the same cat carrier because they are getting too big. I am betting that Wallace (who is a serious chatter-box) will talk non-stop all the way to the Vet office. I'm thinking I might bring along the camera ... and share the *fun*.

Great News in recently in Cancer Research: Scientists have found a way to trick cancer cells into committing suicide. Here is hoping that they can make use of this great new discovery sooner rather than later.

Have a good day! Live STRONG!

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