Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Good Beginnings...

WAAHOOO!! I rode 40 miles on Sunday and other than being a little tired, nothing else ached or hurt and the saddle soreness was minimal. This weeks plans are to get in at least one 20 mile ride (if not two) and log 55 miles this weekend and I should be in good shape to handle the 70 mile of the LiveSTRONG Challenge ride next weekend in Philadelphia. (Sept 10th)

My running is going well and this weeks goal is to get in at least 10 miles cumulatively with the focus being a long run of at least 4-5 miles over the weekend.

In other news... Wallace and Grommette are becoming serious *BED HOGS* ....It's a king size bed for goodness sakes so with all that extra room, WHY DO THE FEEL THEY NEED TO SLEEP RIGHT NEXT TO ONE OR BOTH OF US!!!!

Jim and I don't even sleep that close to each other!!

I guess I need to teach the cats that there is a time to *cuddle* and a time to *sleep*. No touching when you sleep ... I get too hot!!

Cool Picture right? I can't remember if I posted this before but it was to celebrate the end of Interferon back in May. Cool Champagne flutes were a gift from my youngest sister Cathy!

More later in the week! Keep Living STRONG!

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Carver said...

Hey Holly,

Just wanted to wish you all the best on the livestrong challenge next weekend. You are an inspiration!

Take care, Carver