Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Triathletes Drink Beer, Raise Money for Cancer

Now this is a great little event, from the pages of Triathlete Magazine....

Alternative athletics: 30-plus triathletes mark first-annual beer mile for cancer research By Cameron Elford

I have been thinking about fundriasers and Melanoma awareness myself lately. I have some ideas brewing but nothing to "BLOG" about just yet.

In the meantime, Jim and I are still working on fundraising for the Live STRONG Challenge - Philadelphia Ride in September. While I have been able to raise over $2,180.00 - Jim has a ways to go to make his goal and only 4 weeks left to reach his minimum of $500.00 raised.

If you have not already made a donation, please consider supporting our effort!!

Jim's Donation Page

In other news, I am going to the gym tonight for my first workout since the calf muscle injury. I am going to try 20 minutes on the CrossTrainer (low impact) and some gentle stretching. You could not even *BEGIN* to understand how happy I am to be getting back to some kind of sweaty cardio.

HaHa . who am I kidding, 75% of you are cardio junkies just like me! You ALL get it! And I can't wait to "Get to IT!" Just 7 more hours of work to go...



Steven said...

My tri-club does an end-of-season Beer Mile each year.

Run a lap, chug a beer.
Run a lap, chug a beer.
Run a lap, chug a beer.
Run a lap, chug a beer.

The one with the lowest time overall wins. Very simple.

A couple of them...even with the beers...go around 6:15-6:30. Wow.

kerihadley said...

keep the ideas brewing. on a side note. my client "holly" called today and when i returned her call i said that she'd been on my mind the last few days and i was wondering about her calf injury and how the cats were doing, blah, blah, blah, all good things. she wasn't you!!!!! after not hearing any real response from my questions i realized her voice wasn't familar.
it wasn't you!!!!
i'm such a dork.
but i was thinking of you.

Holly said...

Oh Keri that is too funny! I will be in on Tuesday night to see you and I will have a report on the Baby Shower, kitties and life in general!

XF-15DCC said...

I can dig the drink beer part......

Beer first, everything else can wait.