Saturday, August 26, 2006

Holly Tested, Kitten Approved

Well my new running shoes came in on Wednesday night so I took them for their first test run on Thurday night. The verdict?


I love them! For the official record they are Brooks Adrenaline GTS 6 just like Bolder has and I have to give him KUDOS cause he has GREAT taste in shoes!

For those of you who are of the female persuation who are wondering why my shoes are yellow while yours are blue, they are yellow because I buy the mens version. My feet are very long for a woman and mens running shoes just fit better!

But the real test of news shoes is how well they are recieved by Wallace & Grommette, our official shoe testers. They test for shoe lace taste and ability to withstand "Bengal curiosity test" ...

Grommette, leaning in to test their tensile strength while on the user...

Wallace is much more critical, you can see it in his eyes ...

Approved!!.. after some testing
(which included dragging one shoe around a little...)

Speaking of Wallace and Grommette, the kittens are doing well and growing like WEEDS! The proof is in the pictures. These two pictures are only 4 weeks apart. For the record, both of them are still at least 8-12 pounds from their potential max weight. Jim and I are excited and a little nervous ... in a good way!

July 20th, 2006

August 20th, 2006
Today marks my 3rd day of running this week. Nothing too steep in terms of milage, just 3 miles but each workout is getting better and better in terms of effort and energy. AND DAMN, does it feel GOOD!

Enjoy your weekend! Keep Living STRONG!


Bolder said...

i'm glad they work for you Holly!

my feet have moderate pronation. and those bad boys are awesome!

the kitten pics were hilarious... i went to see if they had yellow but they didn't


Flatman said...

great kitty pics! congrats on finding a good fit with the shoes. Bolder knows best!

*jeanne* said...

That last shot of the kitties sleeping all over the bed & rug = PRICELESS!

The shoes look great! Do you over-pronate? I need new shoes before my next marathon. My last ones have not crippled me, but I learned they are designed for NEUTRAL runners, not for those who over-pronate. And I DO o-p. (Ooops - screw-up by my friendly running store shoe salesperson.)

Holly said...

*jeanne*, I do over pronate slightly and I have flat feet but I have found that the ultra supportive shoes they tell you to wear for flat feet just kill my feet.

When I was wearing orthotics, before I weaned myself off of them .. I was wearing Brooks Radius. They are for nueteral support and I LOVED them.

I used to own Mizuno shoes too, those are pretty good as well!