Monday, January 08, 2007

D'OH!!! Don't wait until the last minute....

So I have known that I was planning to do the Myrtle Beach Half Marathon *SINCE LAST YEAR* when the 2006 race ended. You think I would have found time to register?

So today I go to register only to find out the the Half Marathon is already SOLD OUT! ARG!!!

So what is a girl to do? Well spend another $10.00 and register for the Marathon, of course. Now I don't know if I will run the whole distance but I wouldn't rule it out ... I guess I will see how I feel at the half marathon mark when my Sisters are getting ready to head to the finish line.

Heather and I are also going to do the Myrtle Beach 5K that happens the Friday evening *before* the Half Marathon because we thought it might be fun to do both this year. I wonder how much *fun* we will think it is at Mile 10 on Saturday?

So, after I found that I almost completely missed out on getting into Myrtle Beach, I rushed right over to the Cooper River Bridge 10K site and registered. While I was there I bought this great race souvenir t-shirt. I LOVE IT! It says:


Did I mention that my left gluteous maximous is still a little sore? Hopefully all will be better in time for tomorrow nights Spin class....

Life is GOOD !! Live STRONG!

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*jeanne* said...

Could it be the piriformis? Where the hamstring attaches to the sit bone? That's what people tell me about my right butt pain. My right butt (and whole right leg, for that matter) are TRASHED.

Anyway, try sitting on a tennis ball. Work it around under the painful spot, not enough to KILL you, but with enough pressure to be uncomfortable, and perhaps work out the knotted up muscle.