Sunday, January 07, 2007

Great Way to Start 2007!!

Ooooh ... I am on a roll! First of all .... I got in the pool on Thursday and logged 1200 yards in the 30 minutes I had available to me before I ventured into traffic for my hair appointment. And I didn't feel like I was going to fall asleep at the wheel afterwords. Hehehehe.... Happy, Happy, Happy Holly.

This weekend Jim and I took advantage of the BEAUTIFUL 70 degree weather to get to the local bike club's regular Saturday Winter Ride that starts just 2 miles from our house. I ended up doing 37.5 mile on the bike at a very modest (a.k.a. slow) pace of 12 MPH. I had company the entire ride from an older woman named Cathy. We had a good time together. The course was rolling with two big climbs and it was the nice weather that fooled me into doing the 34 mile option when my initial plan was to do the 28 mile option. Hey at least I didn't try for the 38 mile option which had 2 additional hills. I do still recognize that you have to ease back into the big miles. Even so, I payed for that decision to ride an extra 6 miles on the bike today.

Today's workout called for a long run of 6 miles and I knew it was going to hurt a little after such a long ride yesterday but I didn't expect to be *whining* about my butt after the run. All was good right up until the final mile when I started to feel my left butt/hip muscle tighten and cramp a bit. So I did the smart thing (I thought) and walked most of the last mile. Even with a long bit a stretching and some Ibuprofen, I still find myself hobbling up and down my stairs. Looks like tonight will be spent in the tub for a long soak with a good book followed by a generous dose of BenGay. Good think tomorrow is a scheduled "REST DAY" cause I need it.

My biggest drama for today was the seeming *failure* of my newest running TOY. Jim gave me a (Product)RED iPod Nano to replace my dying iPod Mini and a Nike+ kit for Christmas. Along with a cool little shoe adapter from my sister Cathy, I thought I was good to go with the Nano and the Nike+ receiver for my workout today. I almost cried when my Nano told me that it could not *find* my sensor.

I must have looked like a total doofus hopping around on the trail, muttering "Come on, Come on Nano ... It is right on my shoe..." Eventually I gave up and simply put my Nano on SHUFFLE and did the workout as I would pre-Nike+. Later when I came home, some investigating on my part revealed that I had successfully put my Nike+ receiver to *sleep* as I was instructed by the book - *so that it would not interfere with Flight instruments while traveling*, D'OH!!! So with the push of a little button, I awoke my Nike+ sensor and my iPOD Nano found it and I wandered around my house, testing out my new TOY. Now it will be ready for my next run!!

It's a good think I was able to wake it up, otherwise, I might loose the little contest that my sister Heather and I have going on. We both got iPod Nano's (hers is blue) and the Nike+ kits for the holidays and we are in a race to see who get their "Congratulations on a new PR" message from Lance Armstrong. I guess that means I am going to have to get some "speed work" training runs in if I want to get that message first, huh? But not until my gluteous maximus stops aching.

New toys make running fun!! Live STRONG!


surferchickHG said...

and the Lance quest continues!! lucky for you, my little shoe adapter hasn't arrived yet :( so you are still in the "lead" so to speak. haha i don't think seeing who Lance talks to first was the type of "challenge" they were talking about on the Nike+ website!! leave it to us! glad to hear you had a great weekend, love you sister!

kerihadley said...

i'm glad you figured your nano out, i'm still waiting for my software for the garmin for the mac, does yours count calories????