Monday, January 22, 2007

First Snow of the Winter

So around 1pm yesterday afternoon, the first snow of the winter season here in the North VA Metro area began to fall. We ended up with about two inches of the white stuff in my neighborhood before the sleet began to fall and covered everything with a nice layer of ice. ICE - it's Mother Nature's version of laminent.

I know the reason the snow is simply because Jim and I took some Christmas Gift cash and went to Home Depot and bought ourselves a beautful shiny new grill, that is now living in the dining room because we didn't finish assembling it until *after* the snow had already started.

Did you know that stainless steel reflects kitten paw prints perfectly?
Oh yes it does!!

And why did the kittens walk all over the new grill? Well of course in protest of all the havock we are creating in the basement/family room. After over a year, we have finally gotten to the *basement part* of combining the household. The Salvation Army came and took the old sofa couch and we have actually decided on some paint colors for the walls and work is moving forward on our "game room/workout room" project. We have some pretty grand painting ambitions which include accent colors and some stripes which will require a laser level, lots of blue painters tape and a weekend's worth of dedicated painting time.

Jim is very open-minded when it comes to some of my more creative "interior painting schemes" and we tend to like the same colors and architectual styles so it's fun when we finally have the time to focus on house stuff. Right now we are doing just one section of the wall to verify that the colors and pattern work as we imagined. Next weekend is going to be the "Weekend of Paint" and I am very excited!

My only real concern is the kittens. Yesterday afternoon I painted the base layer of our "test" area. Wallace and Grommette, being the very social kittens that they are, tend to hang out where ever the human's are. They were having a ball racing throught the basement (linolium floors) knocking their plastic curly-cue toys all over the room. Only once did they come near the paint tray and seemed unimpressed. However, I know better...I am imagining little "jonquil" (light yellow with a touch of gold) colored paw prints all over my carpeted stairs next weekend. Anybody interested in an "in-house" kitten sitting gig next weekend? If we lock the kittens into a room upstairs, our neighbors are sure to call the ASPCA because Wallace (my talker) will be howelling so pathetically that they will be convinced we are beating him to death.

Heck, Wallace *talks* to himself even when he has the full run of the house. Last night for example, Jim and I were sitting in the living room, reading and Grommette came pouncing up the stairs to the kitchen, probably to get a snack from the food bowl. In only a minute from the time we saw Grommette come up the stairs, we began to hear the most pitiful series of meows, mews, "waa-ooohs" and chirps. Jim and I just sat quietly listening, not saying anything and watched as Grommette bounded down the stairs back to the basement - We imagine Wallace must have finally seen her when we heard a strange high pitched- "Me-Yurp!!" that made us both laugh out loud. We are sure that was Grommette saying "WHAT!!!!!!"

:) Wallace and Grommette make life a little brighter!

Have a good week! Live STRONG!

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