Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The *NEW* Me ??

I have updated my header for 2007 but don't let that fool you too much. It is just a little face lift, afterall even I need to look at something new every once in a while.

I read this phrase all over the place right now ... "New Year, New You!!"

What about all the people who are happy with who they are? Do you know how much energy it takes to make a "NEW YOU" every year? Personally, I think I have gotten to the point where I like "ME".. sure I want to improve some of the packaging (loose a few pounds) and I have aspirations to upgrade the engine (find some speed in my swimming, biking and running) but overall, I am pretty happy with the current me. I figure I just need an Holly 36.0.1.

There is something very satifying to being in my mid-30s and happy. Life is Good!

So along the lines of life is good ... the winter weather here in Northern VA has been *unseasonable* and I am taking full advantage of it to get as many bike and run miles done outdoors while I can. So yesterday I took advantage of an unexpected day off and logged 17.5 miles on my bike *Sunshine*. I dedicated some of those miles to former President Gerald Ford. It seemed appropriate since his passing was the reason that I was able to enjoy the beautiful weather instead of sitting in my cubicle at work. I thought perhaps that might seem crass but I imagine that President Ford would rather that I be out enjoying life on my bike * in his memory* rather than sitting on the couch doing nothing. I know that is what I would prefer if folks get the day off when my day comes (a good 35-50 years from now, I hope!)

So Sunshine and I went for a local ride and as a result this evenings run felt more like a *slow plod* than a quick 3.5 miles. But the timer on the treadmill said that this run was no slower than last weeks runs so all is going well.

Looks like Holly 36.0.1 upgrade is doing well so far!

Have a good week and LiveSTRONG!

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nancytoby said...

Love the new header!!!!