Friday, February 23, 2007

Checking In...

So yesterday I had time for a quick workout - just about 35 minutes before I had to brave traffic to get to the other side of the Beltway for my 6PM hair appointment. (Love It! Thanks Keri!!) So I went for a nice easy treadmill run. The previous weekend's boost of miles (16) and a sore quad on Tuesday night's Spin Class had me more interested in logging 30 minutes of cardio rather than focusing on any kind of tempo run.

I did run intervals of 2-3 minutes at a time at a pace that fell between 11:15 - 11:30 minute miles. For the last 5 minutes of the workout, I upped the ante a little and pushed it to 1/1 intervals with a 10:00 minute mile pace. So the workout ended up being 35 minutes and 2.65 miles of run/walk interval work.

Nothing hurt, I didn't fall off the treadmill and there is no soreness today. Looks like my body has had enough recovery for this week. Now it is time to get back to work - Next BIG RACE - Eagleman 70.3 Ironman - June 10, 2006.

If you take a look at my race calendar, it does look like I have *alot* going on but in reality, every one of the events you see is simply a glorified *training day* in prep for Eagleman. Sometimes it is more fun to *train* with others and get a t-shirt while you at it!

In that vain, I have added another event to my calendar: the Wilderness Road Ride which is part of the Mountains Of Misery Weekend.

I plan to ride the 78-mile option on Saturday, leaving the Mountains of Misery Century (100 miles) with 10,000 feet of climbing, to my boyfriend Jim. While he rides MoM for a second year, I will do multiple laps on the little dirt track that I found last year (as a long run) and then head up to the finish line with my cowbell in hand. 78 miles and a long run are plenty when Eagleman is just 2 weeks out. Every mile is "money in the training bank" as Linae would say.

Besides, I don't want to wear myself out *before* I get the to start line of Eagleman because Nancy will be *HOT* on my heels at that race and I plan to *keep her in my sights* when and if she passes me. Nothing like having a good friend on the course to keep you moving....

Picture from last weekends trip and a preview of the new *hair do* will be posted this weekend! Until then .. you know what to do! Keep Living STRONG!


Nancy Toby said...

The Eagleman challenge is ON!! Let's both see what we can do to get to the starting line in great shape, okay? Then have a great day out there on the course!!

Ellie said...

Your race schedule is AWESOME!! You look totally full of ambition. Can't wait for the Holly-vs.-Nancy challenge report -- from both of you!!

Thanks for commenting on Gracie on my blog.