Wednesday, February 28, 2007

How do you run with 50,000 people?

You don't run ... you just "go with the flow!"

My sister Heather suggested that we run the Cooper River Bridge 10K this year. This 10K has been running in Charleston, SC for 30 years.

When she first mentioned it, I thought: Sounds good! Who wouldn't love 10K in late March in South Carolina with their sister? Sure there is a 4% grade on the bridge - that might suck BUT only for a little while. I'm thinking of it as a reason to actually *DO* some hill training this year! After all, the Columbia Triathlonin May has a *very hilly* 10K run course - it's all good.

How do I know that this is a big race? We get special commemorative Champion Chips!!" - I imagine that is a good thing since I would hate to be one of the people at the finish line who was responsible for removing 50,000 timing chips!

I have been wondering if I should bring my ice skates for the water stops. If it is anything like the water stops for 2005 Marine Corps Marathon (30,000 runners) they are going to look and feel like icy ponds. Nothing says "slippery" like a few thousand dixie cups smashed on the ground...

The race is still open, come on down y'all! We'll have fun! No PRs in a race this big but you are bound to have a good time!


surferchickHG said...

yeay!! i had no idea about the champion chips...but i got mine today and it's super pretty! Does this mean we get to keep them? haha. Love you sister!

Ellie said...

What fun! Go for it!