Friday, February 02, 2007

Run Sister Run!

Heather, at the 2005 Army 10 Miler, making it look easy...

My sister Heather is running her first road race since she gave birth to my beautiful nephew Rowen. She is doing the Surfside 10K. Now I ask you, how appropriate is it that somebody who *loves* to surf and run would return to running at a race called Surfside? Yeah, I know .. the race being in Myrtle Beach, SC along the coast could have more to do with the race name but I choose to beleive that it is running karma at it's best!

Run Sister Run!! Have a great time!
So the painting is almost done! Tonight we do some trim work and then I will post some pictures. It really does look pretty darn good. Jim and I would ROCK on a show like Trading Spaces!

Today is a "REST DAY" on the workout schedule. Good thing too, cause between work, working out and the house painting - I am one tired gal! Even so, I managed to kick some but and get a good swim in this week of 1400 yards along with a Spin Class and a short run. This weekend will be all about a long bike and a long easy run with some more house cleaning tossed in the mix for variety.

There are some other big things going on right now but I am not ready to "spill the beans just yet" on what I have going on. Let just say that is has to do with Cancer, being a Survivor and making a Difference .... I'll elaborate soon enough! You have my word...

Hey, enjoy the weekend, Live STRONG and if you have a moment, send my Sister some good vibes for her post-partum 10K!


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Carver said...


Great to hear you have something brewing (not that you don't always have tons going on). I will be interested in the sequel to your saying "it has to do with Cancer, being a survivor and making a difference". Congrats on almost finishing the painting. Let's just say painting isn't my forte unless I'm finger painting with children on walls that are getting ready to be stripped. Now that's fun!

Best wishes, Carver