Sunday, February 25, 2007

Myrtle Beach Pictures!

Here are some of my favorite Myrtle Beach Weekend pictures! Enjoy!

Rowen chillin' with his daddy!

Wonder-Twin Powers Activate! Form of Greek Statues!

Medals Galore!

Rowen "mid-shiver" in the tub...

"Save Me!! I am being engulfed by a blue bear...."

Uncle Jim, Rowen and Aunt Holly!

I'm Rowen... How ya doing?!

Heather pre-test the teething ring....

Grandpa and Rowen....

Grandpa, Aunt Cathy, Rowen & Mommy (Heather)
[oh and the lobster teether....]

Aunt Cathy and Rowen

"Look over there, it's Jim ...."

Rowen and Aunt Holly

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