Thursday, February 22, 2007

Myrtle Beach Weekend!

This past weekend Jim and I drove down to Myrtle Beach for what has become the "Annual *G* Family Myrtle Beach Half Marathon Weekend!"

This was the 3rd year that Heather and I have finished the Myrtle Beach Half Marathon together and it seems like every year we do just a little bit more!! I guess the race director is going to have to come up with some more events to keep us busy because I don't see this tradition ending anytime soon!

In 2005: Heather, Cathy and I ran the Half 2006: Heather and I walked the Half Marathon (she was expecting, I was in chemo) and Jim rode the Metric Century Bike Ride on for 2007 we decided to do more.

This year the plan was as follows:
Friday: RNC Myrtle Beach 5K - Heather and Holly
Saturday - MB Half Marathon - Heather and Holly
Sunday - MB Bike Rides - Holly & Jim

Add to this event packed weekend the addition of my nephew Rowen, the visit of my Dad (now to be referred to as Grandpa!) and the relocation of my sister Cathy to the Myrtle Beach area and you have a very full household for the weekend!

Heather and Rich (her Sweetie and Rowen's Daddy) were the best hosts, as usual. And when we were not running around, we all enjoyed plenty of downtime just being together! Nothing beats family!!

So how did the actual races go? For once, I am going to be brief in my race reports ... I could devote a post a day to each event but I'd rather save the space and post pictures (once I have them downloaded) so you are getting *hightlight* race reports this time around! Pictures will follow throughout this coming weekend!

Friday: RNC Myrtle Beach 5K - 34:28

Heather, Cathy & Holly - Sisters!!

GOAL: 30 minute 5K or at least a faster 5K than 2006

RESULT: While there was no sub-30 5K, I ran a full 2 minutes faster than my fastest 5K last year ... that is a *BIG* pace increase over a short distance and tells me that with some speed work and Heather by my side, a sub-30 5K will happen in 2007!

HIGHLIGHTS: Cold Twightlight Run (35 F) with Heather talking for the entire 34 minutes (to help distract me from thinking "We are running too fast!") and Cathy cheering us on from the sidelines. We saw her twice ... that is alot in a short races that loops itself! I think we waited in the bathroom line pre-race for longer than it took us to race 5K ...Okay, maybe not but it felt that long!

Saturday: Myrtle Beach Half Marathon - 3:00:51 **

**I don't have an official finishing time because I was register for the full marathon distance (I missed the Half Marathon registration cutoff) but I crossed the finish line hand in hand with Heather.

Heather & Holly - Finishers!

GOAL: Have FUN and FINSH together!

RESULT: Goal accomplished but not before I had a big BONK! "Coach Heather" was a ROCK_STAR and got me through my BONK and onto the finish line...

HIGHLIGHTS: Cold, COLD START - 19 F, the temp never got above 30... The first 5 miles were GREAT and felt EFFORTLESS ... then the speed from the night before caught up to my quads and my pace slowed from a RUN to a JOG to a SHUFFLE. At around mile 9, "Coach Heather" confiscated my watch - that was a good thing! Then around mile 11, I disolved in to tears and frantic protests of "Go on Without Me!!" Heather never left my side, let me cry a bit and waited for me to realize that I was "BONKING". Once I realized this, I was able to pull it together, refocus and enjoy the finish!! Our whole family (Rich, Rowen, Cathy, Grandpa and Jim) met us at the finish line!!!!

Sunday: Michelob Ultra Bike Rides - 10 mile Ride - 57:00 ** my speedometer said I rode 12 miles...

GOAL: None for me, just move some lactic acid out of the legs and have fun! Jim was going for the 30 mile option with the front pack.

RESULT: I had a nice easy ride, styaed in my comfort zone. I rode the 10 mile option with my only goal being to get back within an hour of starting. Truth is that I couldn't even walk down the stairs without pain so I had no idea how cycling would feel. It made my legs feel better, different muscle groups!

Jim had planned to ride the 30 mile option but with lots of recent travel for work, he has not had much time out on the road on the bike. After picking up the lead pace line, he made the mistake of hanging off the back for a moment too long and when he looked up, they were gone. Jim, not one to be easily dropped, went anaerobic, pushing 25+ MPH to catch the tail end of the pace line. At the first incline, he slipped a gear and watch the pack move away. At that point, he decided to turn it around and call it a day with 10 miles under his belt.

HIGHLIGHTS: Much better weather this time around (Sunny, low-40s at 7:30AM start). The best part of this ride was actually "post-ride" watching my sister Heather take her first spin on a bike in 8 years! I put her on my bike so that we could get some measurements ... hehehe ... my sister wants to try a TRI later this season!!!! Oh and of course being met at the finish line by Heather, Rowen and Grandpa (Dad to me...) - or should I call him "NINJA Rowen"...

Ninja Rowen ...

Rowen and Holly showing off their wheels!

Heather, beginner Triathlete in Training!

****ALL IN ALL THE WEEKEND ROCKED! ***** I got some good training in, proved I could still hold a running pace faster than 11:30 minute miles and as usual, had lots of fun and good times with my sister's Heather and Cathy and with my Dad, Jim, Rich and Rowen. The only think missing was my Mom ... but she is saving her time off for a longer vacation later in the year. We missed you Mommy/Grandma!!

Uncle Jim, Rowen & Aunt Holly!

More pictures and some video to follow!! Hope you all had a good weekend yourselves!! Live STRONG!


TriFeist said...

Ninja Rowan! You made me snarf my coffee. Too funny.

Those are great pics from a happy weekend. A 5k PR effort, half marathon, and recovery ride. Whew! Are you tired? That was some pretty intense training. You go girl!

Steven said...

Wow. You kicked butt out there!
It made me tired just reading about all of that!

Nice job, Holly.

*jeanne* said...

Ninja Rowen rocks!
What was the bonk like?
Congrats for getting through it! What a terrific weekend!